For training institutes the opportunity cost of having a room or two used for simulation machines is high – what else could be done with the space during the times when the units are not in use? The cost of these physical machines is high too. Furthermore, this expensive equipment goes out of date quickly if it is not out of date when it is installed. Also, training institutions will invariably have one or two brands of equipment; the students will train on these and then, upon graduation, possibly work on something completely different.

Virtual Medical Coaching can adapt to the latest style of technology to ensure students who use this training are ready for whatever they encounter in the real world.

Virtual Medical Coaching offers the ability to use multiple styles of machinery as well as multiple patient conditions and problems.

The Virtual Medical Coaching technology allows the user to “feel” and see a patient. The benefits to teachers are clear too. Rather than replacing them, this advancement is designed to complement them and let them work smarter. Find out what the students don’t know by letting them use the Virtual Medical Coaching equipment and let the metric data inform the lessons.

Prior to the clinical visits students can gain confidence by practising in the virtual simulations deliberately adjusting the complexity of the case to witness the consequences of their actions. More advanced students can practise more complicated rare procedures.

These technologies have been shown to augment the learning of complex tasks, virtual education will likely capture the attention of students into the future.

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