CT Simulation

CT scanning is growing in importance in medical imaging and the importance of accurate positioning is paramount.

However, CT simulation is difficult if not impossible in a tertiary setting due to the capital costs and space requirements in addition to the radiation shielding require- ments.

The CTSimulate training, practise and assessment modes offer a variety of CT theory and practical scanning using Virtual Medical Coaching's online computer simulations.

After completing this course students will be assessed proficient in the following applications and operations:

  • Basic to advanced CT imaging of the head (thorax coming soon)
  • Dose Reduction Techniques
  • Use of console, menus and default scan protocols
  • Use of reconstruction parameters
  • Post-processing of image data
  • Axial, coronal, and Sagittal scanning

Key Advantages

Virtual Medical Coaching's powerful workflow engine means activity by students is tracked and reported on.Tutors can view all simulations and outcomes completed by the student, whether onsite or offsite. This allows informed tutorials to take place with the data.

Improve the student experience by allowing training to prepare them for the working environment. Students can train on and off site. When not in use, these computers can be used for other purposes as they are not dedicated workstations.

Virtual Medical Coaching gives you a practical tool for demonstrating your commitment to offering students the best in learning aids. This provides you with free word of mouth marketing.

Powerful and flexible reporting provides visibility to those that need it to make informed and timely deci- sions around a student's performance and competency. This ensures no students fall behind or slip under- neath the radar.

It engages students significantly more than straight classroom sessions as students can see the images produced, critique them, and make corrections if needed. All in a radiation free environment. The images and all the metric data from their simulation is emailed to the student as soon as they have finished the session providing immediate feedback.

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