Virtual Medical Coaching.

Virtual Medical Coaching is an Edtech company specializing in VR/AR simulation, Big Data, and artificial intelligence.

About us

Welcome to Virtual Medical Coaching™

“Our story began because people struggled with only having some of the tools to use in their education journey”
From the beginning, we understood that data is the key to unlocking the insights required to make the right decisions. For more than 6 years Virtual Medical Coaching has been leading the world in Virtual Reality medical simulation and combining those learning experiences with the visualization of complex data to make meaningful differences to learners and educators.
Our Vision

To deliver the experiences your learners deserve!

Our customers are teaching some of the world’s most important and exciting courses using our software, and we are responsible for providing simulation and learning solutions, technical advice, and expertise that enable them.
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Our Purpose 

Welcome to Virtual Medical Coaching™

We offer realistic healthcare simulation intertwined with data and insights to tell a story about your learners journey and needs
Together, we are better equipped to deliver on our commitment to help you solve some of the education challenges you may be facing
We are a global leader in the development of powerful healthcare simulations, data analysis, and collaborative technologies. Our solutions enable people to create rich stories and uncover valuable insights from data, and ultimately make better decisions about their learning.
According to a study by PricewaterhouseCoopers learners trained with VR were up to:

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More confident to act on what they learned after training

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Faster than classroom training on average

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More focused than e-learners

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More emotionally connected to the content than classroom learners

Firstly...Why us?

Work with the industry leaders

Work with industry leaders who offer Desktop and Virtual Reality solutions so you can clearly explain ideas and gain new understanding from your learners.

Career Head Start

Our solutions are used by learners around the globe, to help give them a head start in their careers.

Modern Simulation Techniques

Combining theoretical study with an applied knowledge of their industries through modern simulation techniques and technology designed for exploration and continuous learning.

World Leaders

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Master the techniques before entering the clinical environment ensuring the feedback is not from adverse events.
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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality simulation is taking off at an accelerating rate. Not only is the hardware improving but the techniques for this training style are becoming more sophisticated and embedded in learning paradigms.
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Adaptive Learning

Delivering the same information to all learners regardless of their needs and abilities is an approach driven by linear methodologies.