Virtual Medical Coaching is an Edtech company specializing in Big Data, artificial intelligence, and Virtual Reality for learning complex or dangerous tasks in a safe, immersive, and realistic environment.

Group of students enjoying a simulation in VR class

Simulation works. Simulation is important.

Simulation allows people to prepare for risky events in a safe environment. It recreates conditions that closely resemble reality, while removing any danger. It means that when people confront a similar environment in a real situation, they do so with the experience of detailed rehearsal. It is widely used in aviation, the military, and in medicine.
For these and other skills, simulation is now used routinely. Virtual Medical Coaching advances the technology used in simulation training to fully immerse the student and offer a lifelike experience in a safe environment where metric feedback can be recorded. Once found, training can be altered to make sure that these gaps are filled.

Virtual Medical Coaching software offers this level of immersive training.

Virtual Reality simulation is taking off at an accelerating rate. Not only is the hardware improving but the techniques for this training style are becoming more sophisticated and embedded in learning paradigms.  Around the globe, training centers are becoming increasingly aware of their application in simulation training.
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Digital Learning

Welcome to Virtual Medical Coaching™

Delivering the same information to all learners regardless of their needs and abilities is an approach driven by linear methodologies. Adaptive learning is not only more efficient but provides you with the next level of sophistication needed to create more challenging learning designed to engage the mind.
Virtual medical coaching has successfully partnered with skilitics to provide you with new teaching and learning tools. You can evaluate whether the course actually achieved the learning goals and evaluate the student’s individual performance as the course progresses. The training software has now won numerous international awards, in 2017, first prize from the Florida e-learning Association, in 2018, the Microsoft Technology Delivery Excellence Award, and also in 2018 the Supreme Award for Development and Implementation Innovation.