Radiation Safety

Our Virtual Reality operating theatre radiation safety/dosimetry simulation allows operating theater workers to experience and learn how to keep themselves and others safe from ionizing radiation.

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Our Virtual Reality operating theatre simulation allows an Anesthetist/Anesthesiologist, Interventional Radiologist, Scrub Nurse, Circulating Nurse, Anesthetic Technician, or  Radiographer to log in as a role in a busy theatre and depending on their profession, experience tasks which they would be required to do in real life. Although many of these workers would have received formal radiation safety training, some may not have, and furthermore despite their training, many of them have become complacent.

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Following the best radiation safety practices is not only beneficial both for patients and healthcare workers but a requirement. Radiation in our simulations is both visible and audible showing safe areas and practices and providing analytics for each user to improve their practice. Radiation is an important diagnostic tool, but it must be treated with respect. There is significant room for improvement in radiation safety practices, which can vary widely from institution to institution, and from clinician to clinician. All who work in hospital radiation environments must make a commitment to the safer use of radiation, for the good of everyone.
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This module provides a measurable return on investment,  compared to the current system, of regulating ionizing radiation in medicine by providing a data-driven solution to radiation awareness by training the staff who work with ionizing radiation. As with all of our simulations, each user is provided with their personalized data. This module offers the user feedback on their current behavior and how that affects their radiation risk along with the radiation risk of their team allowing radiation safety training to be benchmarked for the first time.

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