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Learners express frustration with current medical and allied health training practices, seeking experiences that are dynamic, innovative, realistic, and customizable to specific procedures and patient scenarios. Virtual Medical Coaching collaborates with educators worldwide to develop a next-generation suite of medical and allied health simulators.


X-Ray Pro VR Suite - for radiography training

The immersive, adaptive training solution features a VR exam room. The virtual X-ray system reflects real-world operation in a vendor-agnostic environment. Users and educators can track progress with both learning and X-ray image data.  All learners get a full report including their images per projection. 

Projection Radiography-1
Radiation Safety

RadSafe VR Program - for radiation safety training

Increase efficiency in staff education with a virtual,  interactive radiation safety simulation, replacing practical training with immersive VR training. Let staff practice at their own pace with Virtual Reality or Desktop sessions on radiation emission control and patient positioning. Then they can enter into the VR radiation safety workshop where they get a full end-to-end radiation safety session including a report that can be used as CME evidence. 

Capabilities & Advantages

  • Evidence-based Radiation Model: Incorporates scientific research validated with 15,000 real dose recordings in a Cath Lab, with a maximum difference of 2%.
  • Modern Operator Controls: Simulates real equipment for a realistic training experience.
  • Live Readings: Provides real-time data in μSv.
  • Live Heatmap Visualizations: Displays patient exposure in real-time.
  • Operator Exposure Heatmaps: Shows exposure with and without protective equipment.
  • Patient Size Consideration: Observe the differences in scatter produced with different-sized patients
  • Radiation Beam Visualization: Shows the diverging radiation beam for better understanding.
  • Dose Warnings:
    Alerts users to potential dose issues.

Learning Goals

  • Balance Dose and Image Quality: Emphasizes the ALARA principle to minimize radiation exposure.
  • Dose Limitation Techniques: Instructs on using magnification, collimation, wedge filters, and virtual guidance to limit radiation to non-interest areas.
  • Dose Reduction for Challenges: Strategies to reduce dose during steep angulation or for large patients.
  • Understand High Dose Occurrences: Explores when and why high doses happen.
  • Staff Position Awareness: Increases awareness of staff positions relative to the direct beam and scatter.
  • Protective Wear and Shielding: Highlights the benefits of using protective wear and shielding.

BirthWise VR Experience - for midwifery training

VR simulations are becoming more important to gain the necessary skills and confidence due to the reduction of opportunities in clinical practice. Our simulations are the only way to see mechanisms of labor such as the rotations and restitutions.


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