Distance Learning

Now more than ever, it’s important to identify and leverage your simulation resources more effectively.

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Distance learning is so important

Distance learning is so important as learning is often in a time-critical period.
But how can you deliver these assets to your students while they are off-site for one reason or another?

Distance education can be accomplished

Distance teaching can be accomplished by means of many conventional Internet tools, such as email, text messaging, and web forums. There are a variety of online courseware platforms such as WizIQ, Blackboard, and Moodle to enable some material to be delivered.

But what about remote simulation classes that allow your learners to continue their courses at home?
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Desktop edition of our award-winning Virtual Reality radiography simulation

Have a look at our Desktop edition of our award-winning Virtual Reality radiography simulation. It still has all the features that you’ve come to expect from us but now a learner can simply use their PC/laptop rather than a VR headset.

Firstly...Why us?

Work with the industry leaders

Work with industry leaders who offer Desktop and Virtual Reality solutions so you can clearly explain ideas and gain new understanding from your learners.

Career Head Start

Our solutions are used by learners around the globe, to help give them a head start in their careers.

Modern Simulation Techniques

Combining theoretical study with an applied knowledge of their industries through modern simulation techniques and technology designed for exploration and continuous learning.

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