Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Our MRI simulation engages students significantly more than straight classroom sessions as students can see the images they produce, critique them, and make corrections if needed.

The images and all the analytical data from their simulation is emailed to the student as soon as they have finished the session providing immediate feedback

A futuristic looking graphic MRI machine in blue light

MRI scanning is growing in importance

MRI scanning is growing in importance in medical imaging and the importance of accurate positioning and input parameters is paramount.

However, MRI simulation is difficult if not impossible in a tertiary setting due to the capital costs and space requirements in addition to the magnetic shielding requirements.

Training, practise and assessment modes

Coming soon our training, practise and assessment modes offer a variety of MRI theory and practical scanning using Virtual Medical Coaching’s online computer simulations.
A futuristic looking graphic Radiologist examining some MRI images

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